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  1. Add: Asia World-Expo. Hongkong (Airport)
  2. Time: Apr.11-14,2023 & Oct. 11-14,2023
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  4. Name:Shenzhen DingShenQiang Electronic Ltd.

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Warranty & RMA

All items sold by TRIPOWER Technology Co. Ltd. are covered by full warranty.


l         Warranty Period: 
24 months after the shipment.

l       RMA Scope:

A. The defects are caused by the hardware faults, functional faults and manufacturing faults under correct operation.

B. The following conditions are not in our RMA Scope.

1.        The products are not supplied by TRIPOWER

2.        The defects are beyond the Warranty Period.

3.        The warranty label inside product has been removed

4.        The products have been changed by the third parts, which are not authorized by TRIPOWER

5.        The defects are caused by the improper operation.

6.        The defects are caused by the accident

7.        The defects are caused by other conditions, which are not due to the fault of TRIPOWER.

l     RMA Procedure:

Our customers should ship the defects within the RMA Scope to us as following procedures. If not, TRIPOWER is not responsible for the reparation or replacement of defects.


1.      Customers should complete the TRIPOWER RMA form and send it to TRIPOWER via fax :( +86 755) 83116383 or email:

2.      We will assign a RMA number to customer within 3 day.

3.      Customers should send the defected goods to TRIPOWER within one week after receipt of the RMA number and should be responsible for the shipment costs and other cost or fees, such as tafiffs, clearance fee, etc.

4.      After preliminary inspection of the returned RMA, we would send out confirmation of receipt to customers within 2 days and advise customers whether the RMA goods can be covered by warranty or not.

5.      If the RMA cannot be covered by warranty (e.g. warranty label has been removed, defect is due to misuse by customers), the repair charge required will be quoted to customers. Customers will also be responsible for the freight charge when the goods are returned to them after repair.

6.      The period for repair is normally one or two weeks. If a longer period for repair is required, we would inform customers in advance and offer other feasible solutions such as replacement.

7.     The goods will be returned to customers once repair is completed and TRIPOWER will be responsible for this freight charge if the RMA is covered by warranty.

l     Surcharge Scope:


1. The defects from other companies. 
3. The defects beyond warranty period. 
4. The replacement for shell.

l     Other Important Points:


1.      TRIPOWER has the right to choose reparation and replacement for the defects.

2.      TRIPOWER only replaces products with same capacity and specification as defects.

3.      TRIPOWER isn’t responsible for the data loss and related damnum during reparation.